How It Works

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How does a personal chef service work?

Step One: Assessment


We meet with you to assess your food preferences. Our goal is to develop a clear understanding of what you truly enjoy eating (and also what you never want to see on your plate). We also take this time to identify if you have any food allergies, sensitivities, or dietary restrictions that would shape the menu-planning process.

Step Two: Menu Approval and Cook Date Selection


Based upon the information that we gather at our assessment meeting, we develop a customized menu for your approval. Alternatively, you may choose to design your own menu either by selecting from the large number of dishes in our repertoire or by requesting your favourite recipes; if you want it, we’ll cook it! Once you have approved the menu selections, the next step is to schedule a cook date that fits into your schedule.

Step Three: Cook Date


On the agreed upon cook date, we prepare your meals in your own kitchen according to the safe food-handling practices in which we’re certified. We bring with us all the necessary ingredients, freshly purchased by us, to your home, along with all of our own cooking equipment.

As we will be preparing and cooking several different entrées and side dishes from scratch, we will be in your kitchen for approximately four to eight  hours.

We will remove all of our equipment and leave your kitchen as clean and orderly as we found it. The only evidence that we’ve been at work in your kitchen will be a supply of delicious meals and their exquisite aromas.

Step Four: Bon Appitit!


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