Large Wild Game

  • apple cider and rum cured wild boar loin and tender-braised heritage pork belly,
  • bison rib-eye with mango chutney and peppercorn sauce,
  • braised short rib of buffalo and sautéed buffalo tenderloin with gorgonzola butter,
  • buffalo tenderloin filet mignon,
  • chargrilled venison steaks,
  • elk tenderloin with wild Saskatoon blueberry sauce,
  • florentine venison lasagna,
  • loin of venison with peppercorns and Saskatoon berries,
  • loin of venison with red wine sauce and juniper berries, and Jerusalem artichoke purée,
  • moose sirloin steak with sautéed mushrooms and red wine sauce,
  • moose stroganoff,
  • pan seared rack of Rocky Mountain wapiti and tender elk chop,
  • pan-seared saddle of Sika deer, venison medallions with mustard seed and horseradish,
  • venison with butternut squash, pasta, and kale.

real elk meat