Beef Wellington

  • beef wellington with watercress purée,
  • truffle mashed potatoes,
  • panna cotta with pomegranate glaze,
  • pan-fried scallops with caper, raisin and olive vinaigrette,
  • plum pudding with apricot sauce.

Honey Glazed Ham



  • honey glazed ham,
  • cream of cauliflower soup with truffle oil and croutons,
  • pear and saffron chutney,
  • parsnip purée,
  • creamed cabbage with thyme,
  • ricotta cake with caramelized clementines and star anise.

Maritime Lobster



  • Maritime lobster with garlic and parsley infused butter,
  • baked Idaho potato,
  • sweet corn on the cob,
  • lobster bisque,
  • lobster, avocado, asparagus and grapefruit salad,
  • prosciutto-wrapped melon,
  • summer peach pie with vanilla and cardamom.

Roast Duck


  • fanned breast of duckling with Grand Marnier sauce,
  • winter squash soup,
  • hearts of romaine, avocado, and grapefruit salad with walnut vinaigrette,
  • wild rice timbales,
  • glazed baby carrots with water chestnuts,
  • sautéed green beans with red pepper julienne,
  • orange baskets with cranberry relish,
  • hot apricot tarts with sabayon sauce.

Roast Goose



  • roast goose with five spice honey,
  • red currant and red wine sauce,
  • braised red cabbage and apple,
  • honey glazed carrots and parsnips,
  • passion fruit parfait.

Roast Rack of Lamb


Rack Of Lamb

  • roast rack of lamb with grain mustard crust and zinfandel,
  • tart niçoise,
  • pheasant consommé with five-star anise,
  • lobster salad with mango sauce,
  • steamed salmon with cilantro and fresh ginger,
  • raspberry yogurt delight with raspberry coulis.

Roast Tenderloin of Beef



  • roast tenderloin of beef,
  • oyster stew with cheddar toasts,
  • warm cucumber salad with mixed greens,
  • red snapper with pecans,
  • ragout of duck with escargots on rösti potatoes,
  • apple cobbler with sauce anglaise.

Roast Turkey


  • roast turkey with lemon, parsley and garlic,
  • turkey gravy with cider and walnuts,
  • pork, apricot and pistachio stuffing,
  • caramelized cranberry and apple sauce,
  • roast potatoes with chili and turmeric,
  • brussels sprouts with pancetta and chestnuts,
  • light steamed pudding with whiskey cream.

Roast Quail


Roast Quail

  • Georgia quail stuffed with wild rice, pecans, and wild mushrooms with bourbon shallot sauce,
  • blue crab bisque Altamaha,
  • butter lettuce with goat cheese and lemon-walnut oil vinaigrette,
  • squash souffle with vidalia onion coulis,
  • blueberry spoon Savannah,
  • green beans with country-smoked bacon,
  • golden isles meringue with peach concassé.

 Sea Bass



  • pan-fried sea bass with lemongrass veloute,
  • smoked duck breast salad with pomegranate vinaigrette,
  • potato and celeriac dauphinois,
  • broccoli and sugar snap peas,
  • sherry-glazed figs with pine and nut brittle.