• chicken enchiladas,
  • chicken with artichokes and mushrooms and pasta,
  • chicken lasagna,
  • chicken manicotti,
  • chicken breasts stuffed with Italian sausage and panko,
  • chicken cacciatore with pasta,
  • chicken parmesan,
  • chicken and sausage and provolone penne bake,
  • chicken stew with shallots, cider and butternut squash,
  • chicken tangine with couscous,
  • chicken tetrazzini,
  • chili glazed chicken and onions over rice,
  • citrus and cumin roasted half chicken,
  • corn-fed chicken legs with braised peas and onions,
  • creamy chicken and rice casserole,
  • creole chicken and vegetables and rice,
  • honey mustard chicken thighs,
  • honey pomegranate roasted chicken thighs,
  • kung pao chicken and rice,
  • sautéed chicken cutlets with a white-wine and herb pan sauce,
  • stuffed breast of capon with spinach and mushrooms,
  • Thai chicken thighs with garlic and lime and brown rice,
  • Thai stir-fried chicken with rice noodles.

grilled chicken & salad